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Delta Boost, Holosync®, and Hemi Sync® Comparison

Delta Boost offers competitive prices for those who desire a brainwave entrainment program similar to Holosyn or Hemi Syn, but who can't afford  these more expensive programs.

Delta Boost is not a replica of Holosync® or Hemi Syn, and we in no way disrespect the Holosync® or Hemi Sync® Cd programs which have helped thousands of people during the past few decades.
However, there are some differences between Delta Boost, Holosync®, and Hemi Sync®  that may be significant enough for you to give Delta Boost a try whether you have already tried other more expensive brainwave entrainment programs or not.
Following is a chart which you can use for a quick look at the differences between Delta Boost,  Holosync®, and Hemi Sync® (Gateway Experience). Below the chart you will find details.

Product Info Delta Boost Holosync® Hemi Sync® 
Entrainment Harmonic Box X (Binaural Beats and Monaural Beats) Binaural Beats Binaural Beats
Stereo Headphones Necessary? No, but recommended for best results
Yes Yes
Background Sounds Ambient Music (different every time) Rain, sometimes with Crystal Bowls Music, Guided voice in some CD's 
Format High Quality Mp3's (see details below) CD's CD's
Levels 7 Levels, Over 100 Mp3's 12 Levels, 52 CD's 6 Levels (Waves), 18 CD's
Hours of Audio Over 60 Hours Approx. 25 Hours Approx. 20 Hours
Price $99.95 for everything $1800 + for everything
$400 + for everything
Guarantee 60 Day Money Back Guarantee Guarantee Money Back on Level 1 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


1.The Entrainment method

Both Holosync® and Hemi Sync® use binaural beats.
As a background sound Holosync® uses rain and sometimes a combination or rain and crystal bowls.
Hemi Sync® uses music and sometimes a guided voice in the background of their Gateway experience Cd collection.
Delta Boost uses harmonic box x (binaural beats and monaural beats). Harmonic Box x is newer than binaural beats, and is believed by some to be  a more powerful form of brainwave entrainment.
Delta Boost uses 2 different ambient music tracks in each mp3 (98 unique ambient tracks total), and 7 different nature sounds in the Nature Edition of Delta Boost. The harmonic box x heard in the background of the ambient music is exclusively delta entrainment (you can hear the harmonic box x in the samples if you use stereo headphones).
The ambient music is wordless, and it is hypnosis/relaxation style music that allows for (besides delta brainwaves) some theta and alpha brainwaves. This way the sessions won't make you totally groggy (too much delta), and will allow for a healthy balance between the brainwave levels of alpha, theta, and delta (delta being the dominant entrainment in Delta Boost). Additionally, Delta Boost comes with a bonus series of beta, alpha, and theta brainwave mp3's. 
2. The format

Holosync®  and Hemi Sync® both use CD's.

Delta Boost is available as instantly downloadable mp3's. You have lifetime access and create your own personal username and password for accessing the downloads which don't expire. So there is no rush to download everything at once (unless you desire to).
The professional brainwave entrainment software that was used to create Delta Boost and export the sessions into mp3 format does not detract from the effects of the sessions.

3.The number of levels

Holosync® has 12 levels, and within each level there are 4 main sub levels, making it a total of 48 cd's + other cd's for descending to the lower frequencies. So there are around 52 cd's total.
Hemi Sync® Gateway Experience consists of 6 levels (6 waves). There are 18 CD's total.
Delta Boost consists of 7 levels with 7 sub levels at each level, and an additional mp3 for descending to the delta level . So there are 56 mp3's in the Ambinet Edition and 56 Mp3's in the Nature Edition, an 33 bonus mp3's, with a total of 135 mp3's.
4. The price

Delta Boost has a total price that is a little more than half the price of 1 level in the Holosync series of cd's. Delta Boost is only $99.95 for a onetime payment and lifetime access to the downloads. And yet the quality is the same as the Holosync® Cd's.

1 level of Holosync® is between $150 - $200. 
Hemi Sync® is about $79 per level

Holosync® and Hemi Sync® come at a discounted price if you buy the entire program at once instead of 1 level at a time.
If you don't want to buy the entire Delta Boost mp3 collection for a one time payment of $99.95 you can only buy level 1 (which includes 33 bonus mp3's) for $39.95 and then only $15 per level for the remaining levels only if you want to continue. There is no recurring billing and the remaining levels are optional. You have control over your choice to continue or not.

 Delta Boost Frequencies

Delta Boost is based on the concept invented by Bill Harris that by changing the carrier frequency to a lower carrier frequency as one goes from one level to the next causes new neural pathways to be created in the brain and thus added benefits are experienced.

While we use different carrier frequencies than Holosync® the carrier frequencies still get progressively lower through each of the 7 levels (the carrier frequencies go from the AUM frequency of 136.10 HZ in Level 1, to the Christ Consciousness frequency of 33 Hz in Level 7).

The entrainment frequencies used in each of the 7 sub levels in Delta Boost are:

3.5 Hz, 2.5 Hz, 2 Hz, 1.5 Hz, 1 Hz, .5 Hz, .3 Hz.

(Holosync® uses 4 of the above entrainment frequencies in each of their 4 sub levels.)

In conclusion we want to say that we are in no way trying to turn people away from Holosync® or Hemi Sync®, or other similar brainwave entrainment programs. It is within the budget of thousands of satisfied customers to continue to buy programs like Holosync® and Hemi Sync.
But for those who are on a tight budget Delta Boost is the way to go if you desire a  affordable and effective brainwave product that is possibly more powerful (due to the harmonic box x entrainment) than the most expensive brainwave entrainment programs.
We repeat, if you are on a tight budget you can purchase Delta Boost 1 level at a time instead of all Levels at once. There is no obligation to complete all 7 levels.  There is no recurring billing.
Delta Boost comes with a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

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